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Tent Making to Support God's Work

Partnered with Lenny Sage and Hall of Fame Inductee, Eddie Murray, it is only by the grace of God that I am one of the principals in new Mercedes-Benz of Valencia, a new dealership in Southern California. 

Sitting: (left to right)
Bob Daly (former Dodger's owner)
Ted Williams (An American Hero)

Standing: (left to right)
Kevin Malone - Former Dodger's GM
Bill Geivett - Asst. GM, Colorado Rockies
Tommy Lasorda - Former Dodger's GM/Hall
of Fame Inductee

It is a personal hope and desire to be a good steward of all the Lord's blessings. 

As the Apostle Paul used his tent making skills to provide him the resources to proclaim the Gospel, my hope is the same.  It is with praise and thanksgiving to the Lord that He has provided this business opportunity as a tool to expand the efforts that I seek as an ambassador for His Kingdom. 

So please be praying as I continue to travel throughout the world on mission trips to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Congratulations to Eddie Murray
for being named #77 of Baseball's 100 Greatest Players by
The Sporting News...

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